What I would like you to do is scroll to the right until you

You can only see about 20 funds at a time and only so much information in the columns to the right so to see additional funds or to see additional information on each fund, you would need to scroll down or to scroll to the right. What I would like you to do is scroll to the right until you see the Discount/Premium column appear. Hit the Discount/Premium heading and that will sort all 544 funds from top to bottom first by their discounts and if you hit the Discount/Premium heading again, then by their premiums.So what you are doing is looking at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of valuations for all 500+ funds in the CEF universe.

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iphone 8 case Tesla’s Lifetime Car InsuranceThe website Mashable has a piece up suggesting Tesla may soon be offering lifetime car insurance and car maintenance.The news was dropped Wednesday in an earnings call, and suggests that Tesla executives believe they are uniquely qualified to change the way new cars are priced and purchased.Mashable noted it was unable to obtain any details about what the lifetime insurance or maintenance will cost or when they will be available.Is anyone taken in by this obvious nonsense?The premise is that the insurance companies are charging too much to insure Tesla vehicles, and that Tesla with access to superior data about the true frequency of accidents and costs of repair can profitably charge less.It’s obvious, though, that Tesla has no better data on the actuarial experience of Tesla cars than does the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or Geico or Allstate or USAA or a host of other insurance companies. Indeed, the insurance companies almost certainly have a far better understanding of the costs associated with insuring Tesla vehicles than does Tesla.Let’s assume for a moment that, for example, USAA were truly overcharging to insure Tesla vehicles. Why wouldn’t another insurer seize the opportunity to entice the customers that USAA was scaring away iphone 8 case.

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